Inland Medical Evaluations

We’re a community, not a conglomerate.

We are a third-generation family-owned business that has chosen to specialize in Washington state. Given our thirty-year history, some larger companies have made offers, but we know we can do a better job for our physicians and our clients by staying small. The owners are part of the everyday operations at Inland, and we’re here when you have questions. We have dozens of physicians that have stayed with us for over 20 years and have found a home.

We’ve earned their loyalty by being attentive, honest, reliable, and accurate.

Our staff is knowledgeable and downright amazing.

Most of our employees have been with us for over twenty years, and boy, do they know the business! Our quality assurance staff are certified claims managers and savvy with the AMA Guides, so your name ends up on an accurate rating. Our eagle-eyed records team knows what you need and finds it, then prepares a file easy for you to use. Our schedulers learn everything they can about the schedule you prefer, and they make it happen with astonishing accuracy, while taking care of travel arrangements and extra time for complex files and forms.

Our physicians fees are competitive.

We are adamant that our physicians are paid fairly for their time and expertise. We follow the Department of Labor and Industries fee schedule, and we pay you within four weeks of the exam, period. We work diligently with L&I to advocate for appropriate, updated, and competitive fees for you.

Location, location, location.

We know you’ll do your best work in an appropriate and accommodating setting, which is why we strive to maintain leases for our primary locations. Our routinely updated facilities offer clean, uncrowded space and friendly, competent staff to maintain the level of professionalism both you and the claimant deserve. Plus, we have on-site parking and delicious cookies.

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