Inland Medical Evaluations

Your IME and PPE

Inland Medical is taking social distancing and PPE seriously for your IME as Washington gets closer to the end of Phase 1 social distancing measures. Our doctors and staff will be wearing masks to protect you from them, and we hope you can support the effort by wearing a mask to protect them from you.

If you are able to wear a mask to your IME appointment, please do so. If you do not have a mask available, we will supply you with one when you arrive. When possible, we are staggering exam arrival times and increasing space in our waiting room by blocking off chairs too near each other. To preserve distance, we may ask you to check in at reception and then wait until a designated time in your car. We are also trying to reduce the number of people in our building and we encourage you to attend your exam alone if you are comfortable doing so.

If you have concerns about your upcoming exam, or if you are experiencing upper respiratory or COVID-19 symptoms, please call us at 1-800-545-4715 before your appointment. We are happy to talk with you for the best IME experience possible, and your safety is our concern.

We're in this together.

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