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Safety Starts With You

Let's start the new year working together for workplace safety! We want to share this press release from L&I regarding a roofing company recently fined more than $300,000 for a variety of unsafe work practices, including inadequate fall protection. Six violations were classified as willful violations, meaning:

"A willful violation can be issued when L&I has evidence of plain indifference, a substitution of judgment or intentional disregard of a hazard or rule — essentially meaning the employer knew of the hazard and intentionally put workers at risk anyway.

Read the full story about Allways Roofing.

This case began when concerned neighbors called in regarding what they thought were risks. Whether you work for a company or have contracted with them, feel free to speak out when you see unsafe work practices. Workplace safety isn't just good for one person's health, it's good for us all!

You can look up a company's safety record via this LNI website tool.

If you see an unsafe situation and would like to report it, here is LNI's outline and contact information.



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