Inland Medical Evaluations

Inland Medical using encryption to secure protected health information

Inland Medical is using a secure email encryption service named Virtru to secure our communications per the Department of Labor and Industries' new requirements, published in the 2019 Medical Examiners Handbook, p.5. We have chosen Virtru for its ease of use across email platforms to make your experience as friction-free as possible. Linked below are some suggestions from Virtru to help you read our emails easily.

When you receive an email from Inland Medical that is encrypted by Virtru, not to worry: you do not need to create an account or install anything. These instructions outline how to read and reply to our encrypted email without creating an account.

If you would like, you can remain logged into Virtru for future emails from Inland Medical. More information about Virtru’s HIPAA compliance and technical security background can be found on their website.

Your business and satisfaction are very important to us, and our management team wants to know if you continue to experience problems or have concerns! Please contact Beth Doohan or Lise Niggemyer via 800-545-4715.

**If you are scheduled for an upcoming exam, please note: Inland Medical does not send emails to examinees as part of our typical process. You can expect an appointment confirmation letter, directions, and paperwork sent via US Mail, and a reminder phone call from our Spokane office. If you are represented, we will contact your attorney directly.

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