Inland Medical Evaluations

IMEs are Essential Services and OPEN

Following Governor Inslee's stay-at-home order in effect Wednesday, 3/25, we want you to know that IMEs are considered an essential service and remain open unless otherwise communicated to you directly from Inland Medical Evaluations.

However, if you have any symptoms or known exposure to a confirmed COVID-positive individual, PLEASE CALL us and your claims manager as soon as possible to reschedule your exam. You can reach us via 1-800-545-4715.

Symptoms to watch out for include:

- cough

- fever above 100.4


In the meantime, for all of us in this together, please:

- limit your travel and public exposure,

- stay home,

- wash your hands frequently,

- and keep a six-foot distance from other people.


Thank you. Let's take care of each other by keeping away from each other as much as possible until we've flattened the curve.

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