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Fancy seeing you here

Thanks for stopping by our squeaky clean new website and our booth at WSIA's 47th Annual Conference in Wenatchee. We're here May 9th through 11th to brush up on industry standards while getting to chat with our clients in real life, not just on the phone or internet. If you haven't made it to our tropical paradise booth yet, come on over, bounce a beach ball, and hit the right note with a free ukelele lesson. We're also happy to demo our new online Client Portal and answer any scheduling or service questions you may have.

If we missed you at the convention, we hope to talk with you soon. Client, patient, or physician, it's always a pleasure to hear what's on your mind.

Our blog certainly won't be the authority in worker's compensation issues, but we hope to provide some insight and critical linking about industry topics to the community at large. Let's start with a big one: back pain and "hip hinging", a technique used around the rest world (literally) to bend over, but curiously absent from the United States unless you're a sports star or a toddler. Intrigued? This story comes complete with a handy gif!

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