Inland Medical Evaluations

Curious about our exam tools?

Going to an IME can be intimidating when you aren't sure what you are walking into. At Inland Medical, we guarantee our staff and physicians will treat you with respect. To help lessen some of your concern, here is an introduction to some of the exam tools we use. Aboslutely none of our tests are invasive, that is, none of them are under the skin.


1. Goniometer: Measures your range of motion, i.e. how far you can move your arm or back.

2. Measuring tape: Measures the circumference of limbs.

3. Disk-criminator: The (not sharp) pin ends of this tool are set at varying widths so the doctor can understand your sensation.

4. Reflex hammer: For testing reflexes.

5. Grip meter: Give it a squeeze to show us your strength.

6. Tuning fork: Used to test your sense of vibration in a joint.

7. Finger goniometer: Measures the range of motion in a finger joint.

8. Pinch meter: Measures how forcefully you can use your fingers to pinch.

9. Neurotip: A (not sharp) pin end used to test pinpoint sensation.

You can find other answers to frequently asked questions here on our website: Just click the FAQ link to be taken to some of our most commonly asked concerns.


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